Міфи, які роблять нас бідними

“Міф «дайте нам».”

“Менталітет лузера. Ніхто нікому нічого в цьому житті не дає. Достойне життя, добробут, високу зарплатню можна досягнути тільки власним талантом, розумом, підприємливістю, важкою працею. І пенсію ніхто не дає. Її заробляють протягом усього життя.”

Not a Robot

“Magic is a complex chemical reaction. It is created by a combination of genetic, chemical, and environmental variables. It can be replicated. I have mastered the technique. I have submitted the application for membership.”

Passing Note

The basic rule of sociology is this: I am who you think I am.

Who I am to you: middle-aged, male and human. You do not argue with this. You can see it for yourself!


Eliot hunched his shoulders against the wind, the relentless sand picking at the seals of his gloves and headgear trying to find a way inside. He watched the glow of the sun disappear beyond the horizon, his waking period now fully begun.


When they met it was on accident.

Her heel caught in a crack on the old sidewalk that was full of them, and her books fell out of her hands and hit the ground almost rhythmically. He thinks that it’s the perfect way to meet someone, cliche and nothing embarrassing.